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Updated:  October 20th, 2019

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4. 2. 1

Time penalties

A) If a player is cautioned (yellow card) by the referee, he/she will serve a 5 minute penalty on the bench away from his/her teammates, until the 5 minutes has expired. (He/She will be replaced if the opposition scores a goal)
B) If there is more than one caution given to the same team, the 5 minute penalties will be served consecutively.
C) If each team receives a caution the players cautioned must serve their 5 minute penalty but they can be replaced by another player (coincidental cards).
D) If a player receives a red card he will be expulsed from the game and his team will play a man short for ten minutes.

4. 2. 2
A player who is ordered off the playing surface may remain seated on the bench, but if he/she persists the referee can eject him/her from the facility. Should this player refuse to leave, his/her team will be subjected to a default.

4. 2. 3
The League will be using an automatic disciplinary system. A player who defaults under this system will be charged as follows:

A) Uses offensive, abusive, or insulting language (AL) – 1 game plus a $10.00 fine
B) Spits at an opponent or any other person (S) –1 game plus a $10.00 fine
C) Receives a second caution in the same game (SC) –1 game plus a $10.00 fine
D) Denies an obvious goal-scoring opportunity by deliberately handling the ball (DG) – 1 game plus a $10.00 fine
E) Denies an obvious goal-scoring opportunity to an opponent moving towards the player’s goal punishable by a free kick or penalty kick (DGO) – 2 games plus a $20.00 fine
F) Serious Foul Play (SFP) – 2 games plus a $20.00 fine
G) Violent Conduct (VC) – 3 games plus a $30.00 fine
H) Uses foul and abusive language directed at a game official (ALO) – 3 games plus a $30.00 fine
I) Violent conduct directed at a game official (VCO) – automatic suspension until CISL disciplinary hearing

4. 2. 4
Further disciplinary measures

A) If a player receives 4 cautions (yellow card) during the current indoor season he/she shall serve an automatic 1 game suspension plus a $10.00 fine
B) The executive may take further action against players that have repeated offences (e.g. 2nd red card or more than 4 yellow card)

4. 3
Team Discipline

4. 3. 1
Teams playing an illegal or unregistered player will default the game 0 – 2 and be subject to a fine of $25.00.

4. 3. 2
Any team, which fails to have 5 players 5 minutes after kick-off time, will default the game 0 – 2 and may be fined $25.00.

4. 3. 3
Teams failing to pay fines in the allotted time of 7 days shall not be in good standing and will be suspended until fines are paid. A 0 – 2 default and a fine of $25.00 will be imposed for each game while under suspension.

4. 3. 4
A team, which defaults 3 games without notification, will be ejected from the League, forfeiting all fees to the League.

4. 3. 5
The League executive will review any team, which defaults 3 games with notification.

4. 3. 6
A team, which fails to give the League notification (2 hours notice) of inability to attend a game due to weather conditions, will be subject to a forfeit and may be fined $25.00. The executive will review each case based on circumstances.

4. 3. 7
A team (home team) which fails to provide an acceptable game ball (at the referee’s discretion) within 5 minutes of kick-off time will default the game 0-2 and may be fined $25.00.