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20901-Mar-208:00 AMTri County Stainless VsLady Devils 
21001-Mar-209:00 AMCity Ladies VsCracked Up Ladies 
21101-Mar-2010:00 AMDunvegan VsSLC Alumni 
21201-Mar-2011:00 AMEmards Lumber VsCracked Up 
21301-Mar-2012:00 PMLes Boyz 17.0 VsChar-Lan 
21401-Mar-201:00 PMLadies Div3 Final VsDr Bosse Dental 
21501-Mar-202:00 PMLadies Div 2 Final VsEmards Mudders 
21601-Mar-203:00 PMLadies Div 1 Final VsDesjardins Insurance 
21701-Mar-204:00 PMMens Div 2 Finals VsGoliath Tech Drillers 
21801-Mar-205:00 PMMens Div 1 Finals VsZorba’s 

August 12, 2019

Team Representative,


As the summer comes to an end, we the Cornwall Indoor Soccer League are providing
you with the following information in order to better prepare for the upcoming
2019-2020 Indoor Soccer Season.

There will be an Annual General Meeting this year which will be held on Sunday
September 8 at 11am (Benson Centre). Packages including registration forms will be
distributed at the AGM. There will be limited space for teams and preference will be
given to returning teams from the previous year followed by a first come first serve basis.

If you are unable to attend the meeting please contact us at 613-933-5103 or email us at

The team fee for the 2019-2020 season will be $2750.00, with a deposit of $500.00 due
by September 8, 2019. Teams which fail to provide the Team Registration Form and the
$500.00 deposit by the above date may not be included in the League schedule. The
balance of the team fees will be due by October 6, 2019. Teams who have not
completely paid their fees on or before October 6 2019, will be removed from the
schedule forfeiting all fees paid to the League. The League is requesting one cheque per
team made to the C.I.S.L. A $50.00 administrative fee will apply for all returned cheques.

All teams must appoint a team representative, which will have the responsibility of
assuring that all players on their team have properly completed all registration forms
prior to participating in League play.

The season will begin October 6, 2019. Each team will be guaranteed a minimum of 19
games and a maximum of 22 games with the finals being held on March 8th, 2020. In
order to maintain consistency and to ensure that all teams are treated equally, the League
will be strictly enforcing the rules as published in the CISL By-Laws.

Thank you,
Frank Chartrand
C.I.S.L. President